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#3: Indian SEM Ranking
#12: Global SEM Ranking
  Case Study Brickred
Download SEO Case Study Download Ranking Report Download PPC Case Study

Main Keywords 30
Top 10 in Google 21
Top 20 in Google 24
Top 30 in Google 30
Rank Achieved in 6 Months
Page Loads Daily 1200
Unique Visitors Daily 350
Returning Visitors Daily 90
Leads Daily 5 to 7
Visit Ranking Report Ranking Report

The Client:
Brickred Technology is an India based Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Service Provider Company. Client services include:

  Offshore Software Development
  IT Services
  Software Testing

To introduce and explore the Brickred Technology’s (Client) services worldwide and Generating maximum number of potential leads through search engine rankings.

  High rankings for one of the most competitive sector
  Short time for result
  Conversion of visitors into RFQ
  Emphasizing on some specific regions
  Keeping the integrity of website design
  No budget for Link Trading

Competing the offshore outsourcing sector with new website was difficult task because

 Most of the offshore outsourcing business depends on internet marketing.

 Top positions were occupied by well established aged websites.

 Changes in website design and content was restricted by client.

 Manual link building because of no budget for Link Trading

Above mentioned valid points compelled us to optimize every SEO job whether it is Meta tag creation, SEO friendly navigation, internal linking structure or link popularity.

We adopted a clear strategy for SEO of “Every Page is Home Page” along with focusing this strategy includes:

Every Page is Home Page: We started working on every page by giving same importance it as Home Page. This strategy paid off and we succeeded to rank internal pages along with Home page in search engine results.

Covered Maximum Keywords: To attain some targeted traffic from earlier days of optimization, all possible combinations of keywords needed to cover so that we can make a presence in search engines.

Targeting Small Search Engines Along With: We wanted to explore every available channel to get traffic and small search engines were part of this strategy. This strategy succeeded from the earlier phase of project and started bringing potential visitors to website.

Nullifying the age factor of competitors: Our website was like new born baby and the competitors were established over the years. To compete their trust factor we adopted the strategy of building quality link to boost our trust factor also.

Above strategy paid off and here we are sharing results with you.

Main Keywords 30 Month 2 Month 4 Month 6
Top 10 in Google 7 16 21
Top 20 in Google 17 21 24
Top 30 in Google 22 30 30

For detailed Report that includes

Yahoo and MSN rankings

Click Here

Maximum Hit generating productive leads of offshore software development projects for our company since 2005 and is dominating all major search engines for niche keywords. Keep it up Guys!

Mr. Raj Singhal, COO (Brickred Technology)

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