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If anyone selling product online then I recommend Maximum Hit without any hesitation for PPC as they are truly professional and know the value of money.
Thanks Maximum Hit!

Ms. Swati Kapoor, (VP, Sales)

These people utilizing every single penny for generating targeted traffic. We are very pleased with our PPC campaign run by Maximum Hit.

Mr.Raj Singhal (COO, Brickred Technology)

Maximum Hit is taking care of entire search engine marketing including PPC and SEO, if someone ask me to rate their services I will opt best available rating score.

Mr. Paroon Chadha
(Co-Founder/Vice President)

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#3: Indian SEM Ranking
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  PPC Case Study Passageways
Passageways BrickRed Perfume World Wide

CTR 8%
Average Position 2.5
Cost Per Acquisition $35
Lead Conversion Rate 7%

The Client:
Passageways is an intranet corporate portal provider company for credit unions, banks and financial institutions. Passageways provide all customize solution that meet essential requirement of financial organization.

Primary objective of PPC campaign was / is to generate more Product Demonstration request through search engines. Passageways wanted to increase the search marketing share against orthodox marketing.

  Targeting Sophisticated users
  Competition against big players like Microsoft
  Generating quality lead
  Regional Promotion
  Limited Advertisement budget

The search volume for the relevant keywords is extreme large as technical people searches terms in order to learn about technology (not to buy product). Identifying potential customers from this ocean of traffic (information seekers) was truly a royal challenge.

As the products offered by website are sophisticated user targeted, savvy ness of user behavior is the only way to achieve quality traffic and high conversion rate maximizing leads. With focusing following points we are not only surviving well in completive market but also find ourselves in top credit union / bank intranet portal providers.

Not to go with Generic Keywords: Right from beginning we avoided generic keywords as they could generate enormous traffic but lowest leads with worst CPA (Cost per Acquisition). We gave special attention to keyword research phase and collected thousands of keywords with several ad groups and campaigns; logical creation of campaign and ad groups helped us to achieve maximum ROI.

Continuous Best Alternative Hunt: When you work with less popular industry you do not have clue what to do and you keep designing and testing all best possible Ad group options, it is tiring job but solve the purpose and it paid well for us. We now have long list of performing ad copies and an easy campaign in hand (which used to be most challenging for us in beginning).

Regional Targeting: Designing different Ad campaigns for several states and major cities of US and allocating budgeting differently to all campaigns can be count as a major factor of our successful campaign.

Maximize Conversion Rate: In this industry (financial intranet), Loss of a potential visitor means you lost a huge business. Eliminating all factors like CTA lacking, lengthy request form etc from landing page that could turn away the visitor was removed straight away.

Brief of current performance:

Unique Visitors 300
CTR 8%
Average Position 2.5
Cost Per Acquisition $35
Lead Conversion Rate 7%

“Maximum Hit is taking care of entire search engine marketing including PPC and SEO, if someone ask me to rate their services I will opt best available rating score. Success of our PPC campaign can be measured by this fact that we have increased monthly PPC budget by more than 500% since the beginning. Entire Passageways thank Maximum Hit for their role in our business growth.”

Mr. Paroon Chadha (Co-Founder/Vice President)

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