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If anyone selling product online then I recommend Maximum Hit without any hesitation for PPC as they are truly professional and know the value of money.
Thanks Maximum Hit!

Ms. Swati Kapoor, (VP, Sales)

These people utilizing every single penny for generating targeted traffic. We are very pleased with our PPC campaign run by Maximum Hit.

Mr.Raj Singhal (COO, Brickred Technology)

Maximum Hit is taking care of entire search engine marketing including PPC and SEO, if someone ask me to rate their services I will opt best available rating score.

Mr. Paroon Chadha
(Co-Founder/Vice President)

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#3: Indian SEM Ranking
#12: Global SEM Ranking
  PPC Case Study Perfumeworldwide
Perfume World Wide BrickRed Passageways

CTR 5%
Average Position 4.5
Cost Per Acquisition $12
Sale Conversion Rate 8%

The Client:
Perfume World Wide is an e-commerce website selling all the top perfume brands and other beauty products online. Angel Perfume, Calvin Klein Perfume, Paris Hilton Perfume, Britney Spear Perfume etc are few famous names from many products Perfume World Wide carry to sell.

Being an e-commerce website, was willing to shift their multi million budget for advertising and marketing from traditional means to search engine marketing. Maximum sales with optimum ROI was / is the only objective of the PPC campaign.

  Managing a campaign for more than thousand products
  Managing a huge budget campaign
  Attaining a certain profit in terms of ROI
  Highly competitive Search market
  Inclusion of newly launched product within no time

Every aspect of PPC campaign is closely associated with each other, our PPC management experts always work together with keyword analysis, CTR, conversion rate, CPA etc. We designed and implemented the following strategy with recognizing specific requirement of project:

CTA Ad Creation: We believe the dual effect of Ad copy as it push searcher to click the ad and also it restrict negative clicks by not generating interest in non potential customers. All Ad copies are obvious and “call to action” oriented, like if Angel Perfume is offered with 20% discount then using “20% Discount on Angel Perfume” is more effective than “Heavy Discount on Angel Perfume”, because it will keep away the searchers looking for more than 20% discount and the visitor to your site with this ad will have great potential. It is major factor in capturing supreme conversion rate.

Continuous Testing: Optimum CTR, average position, conversion rate and CPA on regular basis could be achieved and maintained by continuous testing of Ad units and including best performing Ads in campaign and expelling non performing Ad copies. It will not only improve CTR, Conversion rate and CPA but it will positively impact on ROI.

Close Watch on Out of Stock Products: : One thing that most of PPC manager ignore and that cost heavy to company is lazy product stock check, we activate only those keywords whose targeted products are in stock otherwise it will be loss of money. Only PPC campaign monitoring is not enough but close look on website's status (running, down, response time etc) and product's stock is essential to outperform.

Maximize Conversion Rate: We designed the landing page after a thorough research of the beauty product market’s targeted customer’s online behavior. Mind striking CTA (Call to Action) appeals are really working well to give finishing touch to success.

Passion, Experience, Knowledge and Commitment are the virtual factors that never let the campaign to slow down in term of performance.

Brief of current performance:

Unique Visitors 1200
CTR 5%
Average Position 4.5
Cost Per Acquisition $12
Sale Conversion Rate 8%

“If anyone selling product online then I recommend Maximum Hit without any hesitation for PPC as they are truly professional and know the value of money. Without their expert advices and guidance it could be very tough to place ourselves in comfortable position in competitive industry. With best wishes many thanks to entire Max team.”

Ms. Swati Kapoor, (VP, Sales)

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