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Search Engine Optimization Process (SEO) includes following steps to achieve long-term high rankings on the search engines.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is first phase of SEO process, but important one because further search engine optimization process depends on keywords and key -phrases, that we have to optimize. Finding and analyzing of keywords that people use to search your like product and service is keyword research.

Website Optimization

After keyword research, website is optimized according to search engines. Every page of website optimized for some keywords. SEO copywriting of website pages is a part of it for content optimization. Website structure, Meta tags creation and internal linking are other activities of website optimization phase of SEO process.

Website Submission

After optimizing website, Optimized web pages are submitted to major search engines and categories. Creation and submission of sitemap for Google, Url list for Yahoo are methods for inviting search engines to crawl and index the website.

Link Popularity Campaign

Link building is a process of finding, researching and acquiring relevant links to increase link popularity of website in internet world. Link Popularity is a major factor in rankling algorithm of every Search Engine including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista etc.

Promotion and Maintenance

SEO is an ongoing process; Search Engine changes search algorithms continuously, therefore every website need to maintain its SEO techniques according to new search algorithms. Other Internet promotion activities include email marketing, press release, newsletters etc.


SEO Reporting is essential for tracking the progress of website. Following are the main reports in SEO process:

Search Engine Ranking / Positioning Report: List of all keywords positions by search engines and their respective ranking.
Search Engine Submission Report: record of the last time submissions were made to each of the search engines. The detailed reports include specific submission information to the directories.
Link Popularity Report: Lists all new external inbound links from other websites and external outbound links to other websites.
Search Engine Maintenance Report: Journals all activities associated with a SEO campaign.



Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Process

Maximum Hit’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Process includes following steps for cost effective and best ROI pay per click Campaign.

Keyword Bucketing

Keyword Bucketing is all about finding and collecting highly targeted keyword or key phrases to increase CTR (click through rate). We categorize all keywords in to similar buckets and then choose the best cost effective keywords for PPC campaign.

Account Setup and Ad Creation

After selecting keywords, we setup PPC account for your website and write such ads (Titles and Descriptions), which are best fitted in your budget. We keep consistent watch on PPC campaign to avoid any waste of money and time.

Tracking code installations

We will install tracking tools to measure your Return-On-Investment (ROI). This helps us to analyze the performances of ads and if these are not working out, we refine the campaign. Consistent watch on PPC campaign is required to get most out of the campaign.

Regular Reporting

All our PPC clients receive detailed PPC campaign report based on the tracking tool installed in your website. This helps you to analyze the performance of PPC campaign.


Lead Generation Process

Maximum Hit has its own Lead Generation Process, which reduces Sales Life Cycle. Our lead generation process includes following processes

Lead generation channels

Following are our channels of lead generation

Search Engine Optimization
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Lead Qualification

We qualify the leads by following means

Telephone Call
Messenger Chat

Requirement Analysis

After qualifying lead, we approach to prospective customer and then discuss his/her requirement. Our Business Development personnel and Analyst (Industry Specialist) look after this phase of lead generation.

Leads Pass-on

After qualifying leads, we pass it to the company that meet the user requirement. Then company directly contact to the customer and finalize the deal.


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